9 signs that you should take your cat to the vet

We all love cats, but unlike a human being, when a cat is sick, he can’t just tell you. That’s why you have to be careful with these nine signs so that something is wrong with your cat. These work for many different kinds of pets, cats, dogs, and other small animals. After reading some of these symptoms, you may see them in your own pet and then want to examine them at the vet.



Many people want to lose weight and are on a diet to do so, but what if you see your cat or dog lose weight? Now, if your pets are eating normally and losing a little weight, that’s no reason to worry. But the weight of one of your animals has decreased by more than 10%. This could mean that your pet has a metabolic disorder, which means that it digests food too quickly. It could also be a sign of liver or kidney problems in your pet. This is particularly dangerous in older pets. Some people think that older animals lose weight naturally, but this is not the case. If you notice that your pet, young or old, is losing a lot of weight for no good reason, take it to the vet.

So now that you know these symptoms, does your pet scream for help if it does, so make sure you take it to the vet and try to get it treated. But if you’re not sure you remember these signs, because you never know what will happen to your pet one day.



If you notice that your pet’s belly is getting bigger and bigger, you may be overfeeding him. But it can also be a sign of health problems for your pet. Your pet may have a digestive imbalance that causes it to digest food much more slowly. This digestive problem could actually take the life of a domestic animal. It puts a lot of pressure on your pet’s chest cavity. Making it difficult to breathe a dog can even have the digestive vulva vole that could take his life. That’s why if you see that your pet has a swollen stomach, take it to the vet for an examination. You may overfeed him, but it is better to be careful than sorry.


9 Signs You Should Take Your Cat to the Vet

So we already know that when a cat is sick, it does not lick its coat as much. Her coat loses its luster and becomes very dull. But what if you see your cat and dog licking excessively in the same place. This usually indicates that your dog or cat is having pain in this area. They may have fleas or other allergies, or it could be something more serious that causes pain to your pet. But if your cat continues to lick the same area, it could be a sign of mental health problems for your cat. Cats can become anxious and have obsessive-compulsive disorder and excessive licking is a sign.


9 Signs You Should Take Your cat to the Vet

Does your pet have a very soft coat? Well, if one day you see a change in this area, it could be a sign that your pet needs help. If your cat’s coat no longer has this shine, it is usually a sign that your cat is sick. This is because when cats are sick, they do not lick their coats as they normally do. In addition, if your cat or dog is molting quickly, which means he is losing his fur, it could be a sign that he has a skin disease. These are usually very easily cured by medication from your veterinarian. Your pets may just need more vitamins or a change in diet.



When we feel bad, we really lose our appetite. It’s the same with your pets. If your dog or cat once liked to eat while eating, but no longer eats as much, this could be a warning sign. If you leave pet food outside and he doesn’t eat it for more than a day, it could be a sign of great pain.

They may also experience some form of stress, such as dental problems. Or they may simply have a fever, but whatever the reason why you should take your pet to the vet, it is actually much more dangerous for cats not to eat for 24 hours than dogs. If cats do not eat for 48 hours, they could begin to develop a disease known as foie gras. It is a very dangerous disease for cats that could kill them.



Or it could be cuter than looking into your pet’s eyes. Most animals have very colorful eyes like orange eyes, but if you see your pet’s size turn red, it’s a sign of poor health. In addition, if your pet seems to be crying and has a clear substance from his eyes, it means he may have a virus. However, if the liquid is more yellow or green, it means that your pet has an infection. Having a wet nose is actually very healthy in dogs and other animals. But if you see their eyes wet, you should immediately take your pet to the vet.


cat-coughingSometimes cats and dogs can start coughing. You may think it’s a little strange because it’s quite rare, but the phenomenon is actually known as kennel cough. It is generally not dangerous for older animals. But if your pet is a young puppy or kitten, that’s something to worry about. In addition, if your cat or dog is a breed with a pushed face, it can also be bad. Coughing with this face shape can show breathing difficulties. This can cause a lack of breath and oxygen for your pets, which is never a good thing, but if you have a dog or cat not pushed outside, it will disappear in a few weeks. Kennel cough is a cold-like phenomenon that lasts from seven to fourteen days. Birds should be warned if you have many pets in your home, then be sure to quarantine the animal with the kennel cough. The kennel cough can spread very easily to animals even if you have a cat and a dog. So if one of your pets coughs at the kennel, keep it away from other pets in your home and on the street. In addition, if the kennel cough lasts more than 14 days, be sure to take your pet to the vet.


Like humans from time to time, pets get angry. This can sometimes happen to cats and dogs if you accidentally walk in them or push them. But what if your adorable furry friend suddenly got angry? Well, if your pet suddenly behaves aggressively. This can be a sign of bad things. Your pet may have dental problems. For example, if he has damaged his teeth, he could make him very irritable. If your pet is very old, it may have arthritis or other injuries due to weak bones. Or, of course, your pet may have an infection that you can’t see visibly. These are all things that cause pain to your pets and will change their mood. Of course, if you’re mean to your pets, it’s going to be aggressive anyway. But if you’ve treated him with a lot of love and he’s still aggressive, maybe take your pet to the vet.



This one is very interesting because it is not something you normally see with your pets. The gum is that the space around your pet’s teeth. If you check your cat’s or dog’s gums, they should be light pink. However, if you see a change in the color of their gums, there could be a myriad of problems with your cat or dog. If you see a change in color in your pets’ gums, it could indicate various things. This may mean that your cat or dog simply has a high fever and you should take your pet to the vet. More serious meanings could be an infection or lack of oxygen. If they have any of these problems, their gums will probably be dark red. But what if your cat or pet has black gums? If you see that this means that your pet has a liver problem. You should take it immediately to the veterinarian, as it could be a very serious problem. The sooner you take your pet to the vet after a gum change, the more likely you are to save your pet.