7 Surprising and beautiful signs that your cat loves you

Cats have a reputation for being disloyal, at least in relation to dogs. However, in most cases, this can be an unfair reputation. Your cat will often show you his affection, and it is important to know how he does so that you can react accordingly. This will help you create an even stronger bond with your pet.

1. Slow Blinking

Maybe you saw this sign, but you didn’t understand what it really means. If you have already looked at your cat and notice that he is looking at you and blinking slowly, this is called the Kitty Kiss. Again, it’s a sign that they trust you and is considered one of the most affectionate things a cat can do.

Cats often show this behavior towards other cats in the house to which they are close. So when they do it to a person, you are certainly a high-ranking person in their book of people they love.

If you witness your cat giving you a Kitty Kiss, you can do this by blinking slowly, and it’s an incredibly simple way to communicate with him.

If your cat shows some or all of these signs of affection, he will probably be happy and happy. A consequence of happiness is that the cat’s loyalty will increase. Look for other signs of affection such as rubbing your nose against you, or even bringing what the cat considers gifts for you. Dead mice may not be appetizing to you, but it shows your cat’s love for you.

It is important not to force your cat to do any of the above. If you treat your cat well, feed him properly and give him the freedom he needs, your relationship will naturally develop over time.


If your cat has already started licking you at random, you should see this as a good thing and not be so afraid of it.

Again, it’s a sign of trust, but the most important thing is that they see you as a valued member of their group and that they care enough about you to get you clean.


Cats are well known for sleeping for an incredibly long time. Usually about 16 to 18 hours a day. For this reason, they are very demanding about where they choose to sleep. They need to sleep in a place where they feel safe from predators and danger.

Now, although domestic cats do not tend to be in danger, they always carry this instinct with them.

So if your cat ever falls asleep on your lap or near you, you should take this as a good sign, because your cat must have a lot of confidence in you.


I’m pretty sure all cat owners think they’re crazy to talk to their cats, but if your cat is talking to you, you should take that as a very good sign.

Cats do not often meow to other cats and they rarely meow to other animals. However, they like to talk to their human masters and if your cat answers you, you should see it as a good sign that he is trying to communicate with you.


Scratching Post for Your Cat

we all recognize that cats wish to sharpen and scratch their claws, particularly on furnishings. but you may notice that your cat particularly likes to use places where you spend a lot of time, perhaps your favorite chair, which could even give shape to your bed. This may be a sign that your cat loves you.

Although this may not be the most beautiful sign because it can damage your furniture, but don’t forget to return the love by giving your cat a nice cloth to keep her claws down, it helps to reduce scratches.


Cats purr when they are happy and happy. It is usually a sign that a cat shows affection for you or someone else, although very rarely it can be used to report dissatisfaction, stress and even illness.

However, given the circumstances, it should be possible to distinguish between these two very different emotions. As always, if you are unsure of your cat’s health, you should consult a veterinarian.

7. Greets you at the door

Yes, cats can also welcome you at the door like dogs. My cats, for example, can feel me even when I’m not home yet, but close to home. And, when they feel me, they tend to wait for me by the front doors until I finally come. That’s love and affection!