6 Reasons for adopting an adult or older cats

Here are some of the most popular reasons to adopt an adult cat:

1.You know what you get

When you adopt a kitten, you’re bringing in a cat that’s still developing her temperament and personality. In order to properly socialize a kitten, you need to be able to be there to positively reinforce the behavior you want to see. Adult cats are comfortable with who they are, so you know if you have a “towering fungus” or a horny adventurer, for example.

2. The most expensive part of your cat’s veterinary care is already done

Although shelters often take care of sterilization and the first round of vaccinations, you still have a lot of veterinary care to do. When you adopt a small hairball, you need to make sure she gets the rest of her kitten vaccines and, depending on the shelter, you may have to pay for spaying.

3. They’re softer

The kittens are full of energy. They are always exploring, climbing everywhere, and generally looking for trouble. Adult cats tend to be quieter and calmer, which could make them much more suited to your home.

4. They have experience with many stimuli, and they are more likely to be

Do you want a cat that won’t panic at the sound of a crying baby or scratch a clinging toddler? Do you want a cat that can take care of a house full of guests? Do you want a cat that knows dogs and knows how to live with them? Consider an adult cat.

5. You’ll have many more happy years together.

Some people fear that if they adopt an adult cat, they will have to face the death of that cat too soon. Even if you adopt an older adult cat, our feline friends are living longer than ever. The average life expectancy of a well-groomed indoor cat approaches 16 years, and I’ve known cats that have lived into their 20s. Plus, there’s no guarantee that your kitten will have a long life either.

6. They are so grateful

Adult cats have usually been at the shelter long enough to really miss a lap and a comfortable bed by themselves. Kittens never really get the chance to endure a life at the shelter the way adults do, and adult cats know exactly what has been taken away from them. It may take them a few days to get used to their home, but once they do, they’ll show their love and gratitude for the rest of their lives.

Make your adoption actually matter and adopt an adult cat! They still have a lot of love to offer and make great companions.